Louise Barkhuus

Louise Barkhuus is the initiator and director of the LX Lab. She has over ten years of research experience in the area of location-based technologies and have published extensively in the area. She is an associate professor at Stockholm University, Department of Computer and System Sciences where she is also the director of the ACT research unit.
Web: www.barkhu.us

Chiara Rossitto

Chiara Rossito is a research scientist within the lab, working on aspects of user engagement as well as user experiences with location technologies and mobile devices.

Arvid Engstrom

Arvid Engström is a Research Associate at Stockholm University's Computer Science Department. His work includes design of live video applications on mobile platforms and studies of interactive television and mobile live video. Web: Arvid Engström

Asreen Rostami

Asreen Rostami is a PhD candidate in the LX Lab and at Stockholm University, Computer and System Sciences. Her interests include location based and interactive drama and performances.

Rebecca Forsberg

Rebecca Forsberg is a theater director and the leader of RATS theater, a theater affiliated Department of Computer and System Sciences. She produces new experiences using state-of-the-art technologies with emphasis on civic participation and interesting social problematic issues. Most recently she produced Maryam, part two of a trilogy about women in science.
Web: Interview with Rebecca Forsberg

Affiliated Students

Simon Jarbrant
Martin Leinfors
Emily Schildt
Carl Swanberg

Affiliated Researchers

Donny McMillan
Somya Joshi

LX Lab, Stockholm University, 100 Forum, Kista 144 64, Sweden. Contact: barkhuus@dsv.su.se